Investing In Carbon Neutral

Now with every order you place at Five And Dime we invest in Green Technologies.

What does this mean?

Well thanks to you...our amazing customers every time you place an order we make a contribution to invest in carbon removal technologies and companies which are a part of the Shopify Sustainability Fund, In turn speeding up and creating new technologies and solutions for the future.

Each company we’ve consciously chosen at Five And Dime is working toward a shared goal of finding innovative ways to create a more sustainable future.

They’ve all created solutions that could truly revolutionise their sector and make an impactful contribution in technology and to the planet. 

Running Tide:

Running Tide is putting carbon back where it belongs by growing biomass (Kelps) and sinking it in the deep ocean using natural building technologies that restores and accelerates the natural processes in the ocean, helping to leverage the world’s largest carbon sink, protect the sea and the wider environment.


Remora’s compact, mobile technology captures at least 80% of a truck’s carbon emission directly from the tailpipe, which is then sold to end users who can store it or reuse for the long term, improving air quality and the wider environment.


Supported by the Musk Foundation this award winning companies technology speeds up the natural process of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by adding safe “antacids” to local ocean areas.

Their process of producing antacids using mine waste also generates green hydrogen and battery metals, which are key to reducing emissions from transportation.


We'd like to thank you all for your contribution and making this gorgeous Planet a greener and more healthier place


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