Heat Up Huggable Burning Fire - Mini Bitten Design Gifts
Heat Up Huggable Burning Fire - Mini

Heat Up Huggable Burning Fire - Mini

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Relight your fire with this super soft and warm mini huggable, for indoor snuggles or pop it in your pocket and venture to the great outdoors.

Just heat it up the in the microwave and let the magical grains and lavender give you a warm feeling for hours on end.

      • 100% Organic Product Filler (wheat, lavender)
      • Size: 12cm x 16.5cm
      • Material: Polyester + Cotton + Wheat + Lavender
      • Microwave Only
      • How to Use
      • Shake to evenly distribute filling
      • Place huggable in microwave
      • Heat for 1 - 1.5 minutes (Heating time will vary depending on wattage)
      • Do not exceed 1.5 minutes
      • Let stand for 30 seconds before use

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